Danger of pollution

"Consummated natural fornication, unnatural interrupted fornication, the open-air fuck, the quick fuck, the expert fuck, prostitution, rape, fuck and run, prevention by impotence, kisses on unusual parts of the body, kissed on acceptable parts of the body, lovebird kisses, innocent kisses, worldly kisses, ejaculations, simple and qualified masturbation, masochistic lusts, chastity, inadvertent or intentional ejaculation, nocturnal pollution and danger of same, sodomy, bestiality, illicit advances, intercourse between spouses, the woman's natural receptacle, anterior receptacle, posterior receptacle, the sacred vessels, plays, dances, interrupted movements, the equestrian way, calculated dripping, the spent sperm, sex ghosts, the demon, dissipation, the thorn of the flesh, the creation of the human race, sacred embryology and the crap of the Church Fathers..."
Max Ernst, Le Surréalisme au service de la revolution, no. 3, 1931.