Rune Guneriussen

Coke landscape, pink pyramides

New years eve in Berlin with Julie

Video by: Carolina Melis


From Roskilde with love. Can't think of a more beautiful way to start a Tuesday morning than to be flying above the city of Copenhagen, below the clouds, on a plane with the winter sun massaging your cheeks. Lars and Frederik took us on a journey around Zealand including an amazing turn past Øresundsbroen. Round and round in circles we went! It brings a whole new sense of dimension when seeing everything you're so familiar with from above.

I am in Malmö

A freezing cold day in Sweden surrounded by the tempting word 'rea' on every shop window with Julie and her family. Queuing for nice cheap items doesn't feel that bad when you end up choosing beer from a selection of hundreds in the pub 'Bishop's Arms' at the end of the day. Vegetarian lasagne and a stuffed car. On a fold-out sleeping couch with Julie, Yoki tea and 'The girl who played with fire' in HD quality.

I am in Copenhagen

Here. Copenhagen. I have the sea in front of me. I am on an island. Tomorrow I will be gone. Tomorrow I will be on the other side. Tomorrow I am in Malmö.Photo by: Esther Ramirez

Flying cubes

There is something I quite like about these contact sheets by J. Zachary Keenan with Caitlin Longley. Perhaps it is due to the fact that scale is undefinable? The cubes seem to weightlessly rest on the smokey clouds. A bombed townscape?

Grizzly Bear

I just want to run to an art shop to buy some Fimo when I see this video.. My New Years resolution is definitely going to be: Play with clay more often! The music and the movie are so well married. Its obsessive!
By: Allison Schulnik



Boy oh boy... Maurizio Anzeri's work is taaaaaaasty!


Will I be able to fly back home on Monday??


Camden Arts Centre has opened up a new exhibition featuring the work of Eva Hesse and Katja Strunz. I went there with the Danish ladies the other day and was met by the objects and figurines of the Berlin-based artist Katja Strunz. She has turned found bits and bobs into instruments, giving the Turkish ashtrays and the hotel reception bells a new agenda, a new meaning and a new appeal. A lovely organised mess of a sound installation, resulting in some strange noises. Peculiar, yet intriguing.


My little brother decided to visit. I treated him so that he would never leave!

Animagica Night

On the 17th of December I spent my evening in the beautiful candle-lit Shoreditch Church with people from Nexus Productions and several mulled wines to keep us warm on the wooden benches. The Icelandic Aniima played their instrumental sounds to Lotte Reiniger's animations of the two fairy tales 'The Sleeping Beauty' and 'Cinderella'. It was so great! If you don't know who this German filmmaker is please please check out her stuff. Her work is so inspiring and dates back to the 1920's. Her animations are the most influential on the film I am currently working on with Carolina Melis. It was such a perfect way of spending a snowy December evening!The band 'Plaster of Paris' (photo below) warmed up and I am so happy I got to hear them play. I am in love with the singer's voice. Definitlely going to check them out! Notice the instrument on the screen. Key to their music.
Georgie and I decided to go to the Branchage Film Festival in Jersey. 4 days of what we experienced in a few hours - YES PLEASE.

Cups & dish

Today I got 2 of these loooovely ceramic China cups and a little dish too from Shelf on Chesire Street, London. They will be a Christmas present for the most amazingly stunning lady on this planet who deserves proper good-vibes-cups to contain her organic fairtrade vegetarian greenpeace coffee every morning.. By the way she is also outstandingly clever and gorgeous and full of life and soy bean protein. Hopefully she will not read this before Christmas on the 24th of December! I want the teapot for Christmas. Please Santa, please.

The 'slow' book

Book project. Contains 8 'pages' of different wooden boards. Each page has about 40-60 numbered nails and a piece of string. To read the book you have to join up the numbers by manoeuvring the string around the nails, kind of like a children's dot-to-dot. Precision, patience and the ability to count required to read it!

Mat Maitland

Mat Maitland is part of the London-based creative consultancy Big Active and creates these amazing prints using the 1980's colour palette. If only we all had such skill for mastering bright pink feathers, cartoon mountain-scapes and Michael Jackson's pretty pretty face the world would be such an engaging place to wander..


Just a few drawings I did with acrylic and fine liner.

A present for myself

OH YES... A little something I got for myself. The amazing Swedish artist Camilla Engman released this book and YES I ordered it today! My Christmas is saved, and so is the Christmas project! Can't wait to receive it when I go home to Copenhagen.