Anna Di Prospero is a photography student at Instituto Europeo di Design in Rome, but a damn good one..

Creative eruption

A little magic volcanic short-film about Eyjafjallajökull from its stranded survivors. See you in London Thursday!

Dot many dots

"The animation work was made in Adobe After Effects. Each frame was then printed and the print was subsequently scanned back into the computer. The scanned frames were then assembled back into the original animation, now with a new rugged look, created by the visit in the physical analogue world. No effects added after scanning."

Lusty leftovers


I have spent two days solid surrounded by cut-outs when making a new 2 minute stop-motion animation for part of the Easter illustration project! You're gonna have to wait till the premiere on the 20th of April. Then I will officially flash it.

Books & three stools

A little trip to Spitalfields antique market on Thursdays is always a delight.. Spent most of my time browsing through hundreds of crispy old pages of ancient books and took home with me one on scientific psychology and a poetry collection from 1929-1933. So now its down to cutting and pasting histograms and diagrams of the brain for my Easter projects. But most importantly I returned with a new set of stools in three different colours! They're great right?