I want to get lost in this smokey forest, build a nest of colours, blossom every spring and live there forever. Photography by HELMO, the french Thomas Couderc & Clément Vauchez. Click here to view more of their work.


Masked Medieval Ball in the Victoria & Albert Museum on a Friday. Lovely.

Alarm dance by Daniel Eatock

Kemistry Gallery

A little bird told me that Hvass & Hannibal were showing in London at the Kemistry Gallery. So today I put on my best shoes and walked down Charlotte Road to find the gallery space colourfully decorated with painted wooden installations/sculptures and silk screen prints. The way in which they have worked and re-interpreted texture through pattern (seen in screen prints) has definitely inspired me and given me a few ideas for my project. If only the prints had been a little cheaper... Click here for more info.

Post-it landscape


In case my desk turns into an unorganised mess during this project. Click here to take a closer look... (or if you want to surprise me?)

The truth and nothing but the truth

Grace once digged a hole and found this quote in it, climbed the imaginary ladder back into the real world and told me that whatever I do in life I have to stand by this, however long I shall live. I will Grace. I will.

Sunday facemask madness

"Cosmetic Warrior - Antiseptic fresh garlic and tea tree essential oil re-enforced by deep cleansing kaolin and fresh grapes, aided by softening honey and free range eggs" & "A crash course in skincare - A blend your mum would create if she knew what she was doing. With rich, rutritious, organic avocado, brightening tightening, freshly squeezed lemon juice and soothing natural yoghurt"
... Hereby strongly recommended by Isabelle and Anne-Sophie. You can purchase these lovely facemasks in LUSH.


My very first screen prints

Redecorating Utopia

Sometimes it's time for a change. Especially on a Saturday evening. Isa found this incredible weel-thing in the skip and that motivated us to move around and throw some visuals on the wall- finally, after 4 months! The bunting has moved to my little craft arena in the corner too. Now we are super-duper-ready-Eddie-steady-GO to hang out on the couch drinking insane amounts of coffee and tea in our redecorated Utopia.

When I grow up I want to make things like this!!!!!

The stop-motion animation by Mykonos from Grandchildren has just opened my eyes even wider, even wilder. I was out of breath when I saw this a few moments ago. Pheeew that director/animator Sean Pecknold and the artist/illustrator Jesse Brown deserve some of my homemade bread!

East Wing Nine // Exhibition Opening

I have been looking forward to this. For a long long time. It was certainly worth the waiting. The East Wing Nine at the Courtauld Institute nailed it this year, of all years. I went to the opening last night with champagne and art. My dear Tiernan is chair and all the other lovely commitees have done such an outstanding job!! SO much to say! To start with I will say this in pictures... When I've had my morning coffee tomorrow I will add some descriptions. Enjoy here or go to see it yourself. It's right next to Somerset House.

Butterflies in progress

Worked on another window display today with Carolina Melis for the french fashion label SessĂșn. This is only a starting point for what the many many butterflies are going to look like. Ran out of chain and wire in the end so I was cutting and pasting from an old Italian encyclopedia.


As I walked down Rivington Street today I noticed YCN's new front. Quite amazing.

Danish folk dance

The ancient folk dance stems back to 1780-1880. Farmers and lower class people usually practiced the dancing in their local communities. They invented their own dances which often turned out to be quite advanced. The costumes were sewn by hand and the materials were often handmade. Embroidery was an important part of the traditional costume. The housewifes stitched and bitched during those cold and dark winternights. It was was their unknown word.
Why is it that I have never heard of this before this project came along? Conclusion: I am learning!