Nexus Productions at the ICA

Nexus Productions celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a retrospective show reel screened at the ICA. It was great to see all their work, going back the the beginning of year 2000, before AfterEffects was even an option. Smith & Foulkes' Honda commercial named 'Grrr', awarded 'Commercial of the decade', was of course also screened. Click here to watch the cute film if you haven't already watched it on your tele and click here to read why they won the title! The screening was followed by a Q&A session with Chris O'Reilly and directors Smith & Foulkes. They actually talked about the importance of story telling, visual narratives, ideas and concepts to be the essence of all work. Interesting point in relation to the new LCC brief on 'Folklore'... It is all about having a good story to tell! Of course they also did quite a bit of talking on the making and production of the Oscar-nominated shortfilm below. A great and inspiring evening followed by vast red-wine consummations!