Animagica Night

On the 17th of December I spent my evening in the beautiful candle-lit Shoreditch Church with people from Nexus Productions and several mulled wines to keep us warm on the wooden benches. The Icelandic Aniima played their instrumental sounds to Lotte Reiniger's animations of the two fairy tales 'The Sleeping Beauty' and 'Cinderella'. It was so great! If you don't know who this German filmmaker is please please check out her stuff. Her work is so inspiring and dates back to the 1920's. Her animations are the most influential on the film I am currently working on with Carolina Melis. It was such a perfect way of spending a snowy December evening!The band 'Plaster of Paris' (photo below) warmed up and I am so happy I got to hear them play. I am in love with the singer's voice. Definitlely going to check them out! Notice the instrument on the screen. Key to their music.
Georgie and I decided to go to the Branchage Film Festival in Jersey. 4 days of what we experienced in a few hours - YES PLEASE.